By Alfonso Pedroche, PPI-Chairman

The supply of newsprint runs short as the number of trees, from where paper is derived dwindles fast. As a result, the cost of newsprint rises to an exorbitant proportion even as the prices of other wherewithals in newspaper or magazine production (such as ink) are turning almost prohibitive.

Advertisers are fast shifting to other effective platforms in the cyber space in lieu of the newspapers or magazines.

The print media is first of all a platform to pursue various advocacy paramount of which is truthful information, but just like any other endeavors, it needs money to keep going. Without the mainstream press, the people’s right to truthful information is at stake.

The social media in cyber space may offer a potential venue to inform but it hasn’t reached the point of being dependable, as any Tom, Dick and Harry have an easy access to propagate brazen lies and unconfirmed reports that can deprive the people of their opportunity to shape correct and reasonable opinions on different issues.

Our country is in such a dilemma. Fake news on social media is so rampant and is even used as propaganda armaments of certain people to malign the reputations of others.

Sadly, some people subscribing to the social media can be so gullible to embrace disinformation, hook, line and sinker. There is yet no better replacement for the print media in conveying factual information. It may not always be perfect but should there be anything amiss, there is always an opportunity to correct what is wrong, not to mention that the accountability is readily determinable.

Though there are great hurdles along the way resulting from the vicissitudes of the modern times, print media shall continue struggling to survive.

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