About the PPI Media-Citizen Councils

About the PPI
Media-Citizen Councils

What you need to know about your Media-Citizen Council
  • 1. It's multi-sectoral, community-based, independent and media-citizens driven.
  • 2. It is purposeful; borne out of a felt need and an aspiration.
  • 3. It must have a clear sense of purpose, mission and vision in its SEC document and By-Laws.
  • 4. More than an organization, it is a mechanism by and in itself for redress and resolving conflicts between and among media and those who complain about inaccuracies in (their) news reports via mediation through Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  • 5. It works on the framework of the Philippine Initiative under the Philippine Plan of Action for the Safety of Journalists and on the framework of independent media self/co-regulation, media accountability and safety, ethical and responsible journalism, good journalism as a public good, and strategic engagements with various sectors in the community, including the LGU, government agencies, and law enforcers.
  • 6. A Media-Citizen Council is composed of various sectors (see separate matrix/graph and number 2 on Representation in the Council) as vetted and deemed crucial and helpful in the workings of the Council to be able to deliver its mandate and responsibilities.
  • 7. The LGU, government agencies and law enforcement sector are not necessarily Council members but PARTNERS (refer to number 2 on Representation in the Council). But the Council has to seek and keep conversations with them so that the Council can be recognized as an intrinsic and significant platform and mechanism for "building better communities".
  • 8. The other role of the stakeholders or REPRESENTATIONS in the Council is to keep media in-check so that it owns up to its mistakes when there are, and rectify their wrongdoings.
  • 9. ALL MEDIA-CITIZEN COUJNCILS established by the PPI with support from its partners and collaborators will be supervised and guided by the PPI.
  • 10. When all Councils (by the PPI) are treated as legal and juridical entities, (they) must be able to receive funding when they so decide and pursue outside of the PPI-IMS partnership, a trajectory in terms of sustainability, viability, and longevity.
  • 11. A prospective Media-Citizen Council (meaning an area that aspires, desires and feels the need to have a Council) must understand the General Guidelines, Step-by-Step Procedures, and Core Values.
  • 12. IMPERATIVES in a Council: Purpose and Objectives, Complaints Procedure, Membership/Board Structure, and Activities/Way Forward.

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General Rule on Representation in the Council
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Batangas Media-Citizen Council
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Davao Media-Citizen Council
Iloilo Media-Citizen
Region 8 Media-Citizen Council
Surigao Media-Citizen Council
Agusan del Sur - Surigao Media-Citizen Council
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