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The National Association of Newspapers
Who we are
Founded in 1964 and reactivated in 1987

The Philippine Press Institute (PPI), also known as the national association of newspapers and considered  the oldest professional media organization in the country, is a non-stock, non-profit private organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission whose principal mandate is to defend press freedom and promote ethical standards for the professional development of the Filipino journalist.

The institute conducts training programs and organizes educational activities for Filipino journalists, seeks to protect their rights and freedoms in the pursuit of their practice, creates and introduces opportunities for the development of the journalist as a practitioner.

Programs and Activities

PPI’s flagship programs are Civic Journalism, National Press Forum, and the Community Press Awards. With its local partners, the institute plans and implements regular seminars and workshops on writing, libel and ethics, newspaper management, and coverage of special interest activities, i.e. environment, business and economy, health, science and technology, children’s rights, women’s issues, ethnic conflicts, governance, elections and surveys, multimedia, social media, among others.  It conducts occasional roundtable discussions among editors and publishers on ethics and industry affairs.

Civic Journalism
National Press Forum
Community Press Awards
Seminars and Workshops
Implementing Rules and Regulations
Membership Categories

Membership in the institute by virtue of its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) is by-invitation, and by publication or organization. There are two categories of membership, namely: regular and associate. Regular membership is reserved for newspapers and newsmagazines published for general and commercial circulation while associate membership is granted to news organizations and publications other than newspapers.

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Supporting Cause
Media Advocacies

PPI continues to work closely with other media organizations in the fight against media killings, impunity, attacks and violence against media workers – and for the passage of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). It crafts and disseminates statements and positions on media-related issues such as press freedom and welfare of journalists.  It sits in the Presidential Task Force on Media Security (PTFoMS) as an observer and resource person alongside other select-media organizations.  It is also a member of the Journalists Safety Advisory Group (JSAG) whose secretariat is AIJC.

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PPI News Commons (News-Sharing Site)

Philippine Press Institute created the news-sharing site PPI News Commons for its members who have difficulties when it comes to establishing their digital version of newspapers on different digital platforms like websites and social media. It will serve as an alternative platform for the members to upload their stories and news articles


Training Programs &
Educational Activities

The institute conducts training programs and organizes educational activities for Filipino journalists, seeks to protect their rights and freedoms in the pursuit of their practice, creates and introduces opportunities for the development of the journalist as a practitioner.

The affairs of the institute are governed by a board of trustees that meets quarterly. The board is composed of publishers and editors of member-newspapers who are elected annually. The major newspapers that are represented in the board are The Philippine Star, Manila Standard Today, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Journal, Malaya Business Insight, and BusinessWorld.

Our Partners

In 2020, the PPI became an official partner of the Hanns Seidel Foundation. Under the institiutional partnership, the PPI has been able to conduct various online activities during athe time of pandemic, such as roundtable discussions, COVID-19 Chronicles via the www.ppinewscommons, and media seminars. All these programs plus the scholastic outreach/campus fora are currently being done under the auspices of HSF.

Its current principal partner for its flagship programs is Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC).  The partnership began in 2013 where two significant training programs were conducted namely, elections coverage and reporting natural capital, a new take in environmental reporting.

IMS (International Media Support) pushes for quality journalism, challenges repressive laws and keeps media workers of all genders safe, so that they can do their jobs. Through alliances and innovation, we help free, independent media contribute to positive change and better societies.

Annual Civic Journalism Community Press Awards

PPI oversees the management of the Annual Civic Journalism Community Press Awards program which was launched in 1996 in partnership with The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (TCCEC). The program honors community newspapers which have demonstrated journalistic excellence in various categories such as editing, editorial page, science and environment reporting, business and economic reporting and photojournalism. The Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC) serves as the project secretariat. For four consecutive years, the National Commission on Culture and the Arts funded the special category on best culture, arts and history reporting.

Our Members

Annual National
Press Forum

PPI organizes the annual National Press Forum and General Membership Meeting. Nearing three decades, this back-to-back event has gathered publishers and editors who represent the member-publications to discuss media issues and industry concerns. The first annual meeting was held in April 1988 at the historic Puerta Isabel in Intramuros. The first dual event was organized in April 1996. In 2008, the Institute opened the Forum by invitation to select non-members and non-media from the academe, business, government and civil society.


Webinars, Online Forums
and Workshops
New Normal with PPI

Philippine Press Institute adapted to this new normal by creating webinars, online forums, and workshops for journalists and students. PPI develops its live-streaming program, PPI TV to easily tap audiences on social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

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Linkages and Networking

Philippine Press Council

The Philippine Press Council is composed of journalists and selected representatives from the legal profession, the business sector and the academe to protect and promote the news subject’s right to reply. It receives and acts on complaints against unfair practices of the press. The Editors’ Forum is a collegial body of senior editors of member newspapers that plan and implement activities to improve reportage of news events. It has expanded its membership to include a lawyer, an educator and a member of the civil society.

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